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• 1/11/2015

What Do you think will happen?

Post info about what you think upcoming episodes are going to be. Will a new character come? Don't know! Here are the rules:


Never Use bad words.
Make the theory short and simple.
If you make mistakes on the post, we will delete the post. Use grammar.
Do not waste your info as the admins have to clear everything on the thread.
Post something appopraite to the subject.
Don't talk anything about other stuff.
Promos and Videos so as refs are allowed.

Thanks! Keep posting!
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• 1/4/2015

When is future-worm airing?

I don't know when Future Worm is airing? Anyone know with a ref!
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• 1/4/2015

103 Mystery Episode Discussion

What is wrong with the 103 episode? Reply!
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• 1/4/2015

To the Future Discussion

We are talking about the discussion of the new episode of Future Worm!
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