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• 2/26/2015


I have decided to put the admin list here. We will need 2 admins only. If you want to become an admin, we will see these things:
Make a small introduction on the post below so we know who we are working with.

Be on the wiki for at least a month
Be experienced from other wikis
Know what admin reponsiblities are.
Achieve at least 500 Edits on the wiki.
Make sure you contribute every once a day or we will take the admin spot off you and put you to bureaucrat
NOTE:If you have never became an admin on other wikis, you might not get the spot. If you were admins on very popular cartoon shows, it is very likely you will get the spot.
Any Questions? Ask below.
Andi Cruz 09:59, August 13, 2015 (UTC)
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• 1/24/2015


We need a new banner for Future-Worm! Anyone got any ideas because if you do, I'll put it up!
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