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• 8/22/2016

About adding a Admin Staff Page

Now before either one of us users (if there's any left), gets selected for a Bureo, Admin, Rollback, Patroller, and Moderator, should we make a page where any anonymous user comes by to see a certain number of users that already selected for the staff position.
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• 1/22/2015


Hi Users of the Future Worm Wiki! I am so happy that Future-Worm! is coming and this is the official wiki! I was wondering if I could make over the sidebars; the banner; the chat settings; CSS and much more! Future Worm is coming so make sure you get ready!
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• 1/20/2015

Admin Requests and Other Job requests

Users of the Future-Worm! Wiki, I'm sorry to say but I am not looking for admins or other jobs right now because the the show hasn't been premiered. When the show premieres after 1-2 days, I will be looking for 2 more admins to fill the spot but that will be soon. I am glad you show interest and I am happy you are a part of the wiki! Also one more thing, if you want to be one of the 2 admins, you need to be active and edit everyday! Make sure you have 160+ on articles and edits. Get achievements too. I will be looking for people who edit the wiki. Thanks and I am appreciated that you are in interest. The admin requests will be coming soon noticing I am the only person working.
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